Infatuation…damn you!

I have been mentally debating on if I should write a piece about infatuation. I’m embarrassed to say that I have experienced it lately with a man who is OFF limits. As in he is married and has grown children. I know, I have already been where you are right now with your thoughts. I will say this, getting rid of infatuation is very hard to do so when you see the person you are inflated with, on a regular basis.


The Daddy

Eloquent and well said. Had to share.

The Value-BDSM blog

In the world of D/s relationships, Doms and subs have different titles, sometimes depending on the dynamic or based on comfort between the couples. While most people are familiar with Master/slave or Master/pet, there is a “gentler” and more lenient dynamic and that is DD/lg. DD/lg stands for Daddy Dom and little girl, but it also known as Daddy Dom and babygirl. Do not be fooled by the name though, it is not gender specific.
It still involves a Dominant and a submissive Some other names for the dynamic include CG/l (Caregiver/little) and Big/little.

The elements around the D/s lifestyle are pretty similar to that of your typical one which includes guidance, protection, training, and devotion. What makes it different from other well known branches (Master/slave and Master/pet) is that the submissive holds an inner-child side and ageplay is often incorporated in it, so not every Dom is interested in…

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Cock Cage & Fleshlight, help.

Followers who are in chastity and/or kinky! Any suggestions of particular cock cages that you recommend? My cock boy (his name given by me) was ordered by me to research and purchase one by July 24th. Because I’m a lovely Miss, I will help in his research.

I also need recommendations for fleshlights, please.

Thank you ❤

Side note: I have renamed my slave, cock boy because though he is older than me, I’m the one in charge. It also reminds him of the power difference between us. I also like to call him cunt as well, hehe :).

Now how fun would it be to drag my cock boy like this?

Bow Down To Your Goddess!

So, I may have a slave? Not like that! BDSM slave, hehe. I have been talking to someone online for a while thinking nothing of having this person as a submissive or slave. But I realized, why not? I could see the potential in him. It may not turn physical due to the distance but I’m content with Skype and using other social media sites for communication. He is quite smitten of this chocolate Goddess, and I will use that to give what my Miss persona needs the most, domination.


Hahaha…this will be fun.


39-Year Age Gap?


Thankfully Youtube exists because it has opened my eyes to new discoveries from belly dancing to DD/lg relationships to learning about the real life experiences of age gap relationships.

I try not to read the comments on videos that are considered taboo in my society, like DD/lg and age gap relationships. Mind you, these two DIFFERENT relationships have absolutely nothing to do with each other. I just bring them up because they tend to get a bad reputation or not accepted readily in society. I could even include BDSM itself.

This video is of a couple who have a 39-year age gap, who have been together for 4 years or more. I personally think they have a healthy relationship, and don’t let the age gap hinder it. In fact in some of their videos they have made humor of what society and some people think in regards to age gap relationships.

It would be nice for the world to become a little more accepting. There is so much evil in this world, people can’t be open-minded to two people who love each other and aren’t hurting anyone? I don’t understand that mentality, and it saddens me truthfully.

Link: Age Gap Couple