My Nipple Piercing Experience.


Around this time a year ago, I made an impulse decision to get my nipples pierced. Why did I do this? Well… I kind of have a habit of doing these kinds of things. Like with my first tattoo, I had no idea what I wanted to get done once I turned 18. 18 is the legal age here to get a tattoo without parental consent. All I knew is that I had the money and I was legal. In the end it turned out great. I won’t say what I got because I want to keep it special and unique for myself. But what I will share is that I got a feather that breaks apart into birds. That part was not unique, lol. But the words that are underneath in French, are what I want to keep special.

Anywho, so here I am at the age of 20, a year ago, wanting to get myself an early Christmas present with no clue of what exactly. A random thought came into my head, “I should get my nipples pierced!”. And so I did. I spent the rest of the day researching reputable piercing shops. Come on, I ain’t that crazy not to :p. Once I found a reputable shop with overall good online reviews, I made a plan to get the piercings the next day. So in a bit of a backwards process, I researched everything I could about nipple piercings; if the piercing  was tremendously painful, would it affect my ability to breastfeed one day if I decided to have children, how long it took to heal, the pros and cons of nipple piercings, etc. None of the answers I found scared me off. Plus, when I make up my mind I usually stick with it.

So here I am at the piercing shop, paperwork all filled out and jewelry picked out (I picked a titanium barbell since I’m allergic to other metals); and waiting for my turn. Of course I’m incredibly nervous, but it helped to have my now, former good friend there with me. The piercer called my name and I headed upstairs of the two, floor shop. After having a chit chat with the piercer, I took off my bra and laid down on a matted, black table. Luckily the piercer was a woman so I felt completely comfortable showcasing my breasts. I should note, I was self-conscious of my breasts at that time. All the equipment she used on me was sterilized and fresh out of the package. Throughout the whole entire process she wore medical gloves, as she should. She marked with a felt-tip pen, dots at the base of my nipples where I would be pierced at. I was instructed to take a deep breath in and exhale, when I exhaled the first piercing went through. Honestly, it felt like a 3-second sharp pain and then it was over. She slid in the barbell and next was my left breast. Same feeling as the other. Sharp pain then it was over. The pain can be compared to getting a finger prick test at a doctors office. Then I was all finished! I looked in the mirror and I LOVED my sexy piercings. As the piercer gave me instructions on how to take care of my new friends, I nodded and smiled with a huge grin. I paid $90, and was out the door!

On the drive home my nipples were incredibly sensitive. Just the soft touch of the fabric of my bra sliding across my nipples made me jerk my body. The rest of the day I wore no bra, just a soft cotton shirt. I made sure to sleep on my back  for two months straight. I avoided baths and took showers. I did two sea-salt soaks a day for 6 months. After that period I grew lazy cleaning my piercings twice a day and switched to once a day for soaks, while also spraying the piercings with sea-salt spray, that I bought from a reputable online shop for piercings and tattoo care.

Throughout this entire year I had zero issues with one piercing which was on my left breast. For the other I had constant problems. It bled on an off. I had lymph more then what was supposed to be there, and on and off the piercing just ached. So in November I grew tired of it and went to a different piercing shop. The piercer there took a look and said my piercing was rejecting. Great (sarcasm)! So she took it out and now today I just have one piercing which is the left breast. I’m debating if I want to wait a couple of months and have the right one pierced again. But I don’t know. The sensitivity in my nipples have decreased after having them pierced. Yes, it looks gorgeous but the piercings didn’t do anything for me pleasure-wise. They are only there it seems like for an aesthetic look. At this point I can take or leave it. But I will say I like symmetry. So I might just get it re-pierced and call it a day.

I will say I don’t really regret the piercings nor my impulse decision to get them done. I do like the reaction I get when I talk about my piercings with new friends. People are completely shocked because my personality is nothing like you would imagine someone to have, if they had an intimate piercing like this. Will I keep them the rest of my adult life? I don’t know. I can vision myself growing tired of them and taking them out. But for now I’m going to enjoy the aesthetic.

Of course I’m thinking of making another impulse decision and getting my clitoral hood pierced, called Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH). We shall see, hehe…

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to comment and also if you want you can share what piercings you have or want to have in the future. 🙂


15 thoughts on “My Nipple Piercing Experience.

  1. wow! do you still have the nipple piercings? i had an impulse to just get mine done as well this past Janurary after i was kicked out of my parents place, my bf at the time took me, any tips of the kinds of piercings i should get?? o

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    1. I have one piercing in and the other is still out. Truthfully for me, the nipple piercing I don’t care much for it. For aesthetics I like it, but it did decrease my nipple sensitivity which is a bummer. One nipple looks different, in that it now slants to the right when it used to be centered like what a typical nipple looks like. So if you want to get it, I would consider those factors beforehand. I had the VCH piercing, and I hated every minute of it. I took it out after two months. Zero pleasure and a constant nuisance (pain) when adjusting my body normally, like getting out of the car or a chair. I regretted it. Huge fan of the belly button piercing. I personally think it looks adorable.


  2. wow so interesting to read Your comments on Your breast piercings Miss – i was sorry to read that one didnt take and perhaps it might be better to leave it at just one there – i am presuming that it doesnt show through when You wear a bra – but when your just wearing a T shirt as You go shopping it must be interesting for You to see the reaction of other shoppers both male and female – i have to say that i love looking at Ladies breasts but i try not to be indiscreet and glance as opposed to ogling – a clitoral hood would be so exciting to see both in real life and by picture of a person that i am gradually getting to know – another question Miss if You get the piercing will you show a picture on Your blog or other profile? most respectfully Yours alan


    1. I consent to you sharing this photo on your blog, as long as you politely give me credit for it. As in tagging the photo with my blog name. 🙂 I also consent to you using this photo for personal use. Thank you for asking beforehand. 🙂

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  3. Hi. It’s so exciting to feel sexy, as a woman, and your photo looks beautiful. It sounds like you were being very careful with your piercings, which is so smart. I considered it once when I was feeling old and looking for a way to feel sexier. My lover told me he would support me no matter what I decided, but it would not make me any sexier to him. (This is why I adore him!) I promise a young man who gets to see those beauties won’t care. The sexiest thing to a guy is a woman who takes care of herself and owns her own sexuality. In everything you do, do it because it makes you feel good about who you want to be. Take care and have a beautiful day, everyday! : )

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    1. Thank you for the compliment on my photo! 🙂 Aww, I’m glad to hear that your lover responded like that. You are so right, I want to own my sexuality. I want to feel like a Goddess, hehe. Thank you for the lovely compliment. You as well take care and have a beautiful and positive enriched day. ❤

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