What’s Up, Doc?

I was going to write a whole long  post detailing my experience recently of getting a genital piercing…but I don’t think it would be interesting to hear about? Lol. Especially since I have more important stuff to write about. Like:

-How I may potentially enter a Daddy Dom/little girl relationship (it’s not incest, Google it), and the thoughts I have about this person and our courting so far.

-Do I want to continue exploring my Domme nature as a, Miss?

-A rant about a certain person in my life who is racially ignorant and it pisses me off.

-Considering creating a Twitter account to grow my platform on here and also to connect with other Dommes, Mistresses, and Dominatrix’s.

So I will summarize my long post about the piercing. I made an impulse decision to get a vertical clitoral hood piercing. Well, not really an impulse since for a few years I have been wanting to get it done. The impulse really was waking up two weeks ago on a Monday morning and deciding I wanted it done, lol. The piercing sits on top of the clit, NOT, through the clit (OUCH!). In fact when most people talk about clit piercings, they mean piercing the skin or “hood” covering the clit. Actually piercings that go through the clit are very rarely done. For a a lot of important reasons. You need someone who is very experienced in piercing through the clit, and also there is a chance your clit can become desensitized, which kind of defeats the purpose of the piercing itself, unless you are interested in the aesthetic of it only.

I went to a reputable piercing shop that practices excellent cleaning techniques (very important), I have been there in the past for various piercings. The piercer talked me through the whole process. The piercing was a straight up bitch, in fact, on a scale 1 to 10 the piercing itself was a 16. That was because the device protecting my clit from the needle was not fitting correctly. So the piercer had to fit me with an appropriate one for my clit. Which, it is not comfortable having this device covering your clit. Not. At. All. He pierced me which was like a 10/10. I guess my pain tolerance, sucked. I would rather get my nipples re-pierced 20 times then ever go through a piercing like that again. I’m not lying.

Fast forward he gives me the spiel of how to keep it clean. Sea salt soaks once a day in the afternoon time and a dab of antibacterial soap to help clean the piercing in the morning during a shower. The piercing takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal. By the way, my nipple piercings took 1 year to heal. That is because there is no continuous blood supply like with the genital piercing, thus the genital piercing healing time is faster.

For about the first week, the piercing was sore and tender to the touch. On Day 8, I was able to masturbate with a vibrator over my panties. On Day 12, I was able to masturbate with a vibrator directly touching the piercing itself.

Let me guess, you want to know if this piercing increases stimulation? I will say it does by 2.5 points. It is not like every time I touch it or rub it I’m having an orgasm immediately, it still takes the usual time to have an orgasm before I had the piercing. But I will say the increased stimulation has made my orgasms more toe-curling then before getting the piercing.

Would I recommend this piercing? Yes. Why? Increased stimulation, plus it’s hot as fuck!

Until the next time my Lovelies…



23 thoughts on “What’s Up, Doc?

  1. Your buttocks in that pic looks so yummy! Yes, do what you want with that piercincing of the clit; I would certainly like to be the first to put a man’s blessing kiss on it or even suck on it. Maybe that would give you a potent lift in to the Heavens? I love to help a lady achieve an ultimate climax; it pleasures me to pleasure her! 👅


  2. wow, way braver than me lol, i cried just with a labia piercing … repeatedly lol ( I have a few of em down there) no way could I do anything to do with my man in the boat (clit) I would rather shove a soggy noodle up a grizzly bear’s ass than do that ! major Kudo’s to you I am in awe 🙂

    the DD/lg part, no it isn’t incest at all, I have a Daddi ( with an “I” cuz she is a she, not a he)
    you probably notice on my blog that I will mention my Daddi or talk about somethin to do with her and me, but I don’t get detailed or even really offer any useful information about DD/lg(b) Daddies, littles and middles , no matter what I try and say it sounds like littles have a serious mental illness, and I had a reader go off on me and call my Daddi a narcissistic power tripping b*tch that belongs in jail for abusing me 😦 that hurt me bad, still does, and made me too scared to write about the subject. if you do explore it, I hope you are braver than me and will write about it, people need to know that it isn’t a sick incestuous pedo thing , so ya, sorry for writing a book on your blog, but had to warn you that DD/lg gets crapped on by everyone, including those within the BDSM community 😦

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    1. Hehe, why thank you for the lovely comment :). I sometimes wonder how I got through that pain that day…*shivers*. Hopefully this is not TMI, but receiving oral sex with the piercing was…not fun. The piercing became annoyed by the end of it so I had to tell my partner at the time that the area was a no-go. I’m assuming because it was fairly recently done at the time, the piercing did not heal fully. I probably should have waited a couple of more weeks before receiving oral. But you live and learn.

      The first and only munch I have attended, kink shaming of my kink, DD/lg, took place. I felt immediately embarrassed and ashamed. Now I look back and wished I would have called those two women out for doing that. All they should have said when the topic came up of people wearing diapers (ABDL) and DD/lg was, “Your kink is not my kink, but your kink is okay.” Or something like that, though they were not talking to me directly.

      I’m most definitely not ashamed, but am selectively of who I confide into. Only one person in my vanilla life knows and accepts my lifestyle and kinks.

      Never apologize for writing what you deem too much. I enjoy engaging with others :).

      P.s. It’s nice to be welcomed into a community of fellow DD/lg’ers. I feel at home <3.

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      1. Honestly you inspire me greatly with your openness on your blog and sharing the audio links, I have decided that on my Imzadi blog to once again just speak/write openly , big step since that vanilla tore into me , I don’t know why I care what people think. So thank you for being such a positive inspiration . 😊

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    2. It’s a sad thing that people feel free to attack the lifestyles and kinks of others. In my travels around the blog world I have run across many DD/lg practitioners. I am certainly not so bold or arrogant to say anything against such relationships. In fact I really think it is a wonderful thing that two people who share a kink have found each other. As long as society and others are not hurt in any way it would seem that two happy people are good for the planet. But I am a curious dude. So I like to read about others perceptions and kinks. Have a great day!!

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  3. wow thank You so much for sharing Your information – such a brave thing to have done – i must say i would love to see the picture as well – perhaps You can give me the link to Your fet life page ? very best wishes alan


    1. Thank you for the comment :). I typically don’t give out my Fet link to people in general unless I have personally known them for a considerable amount of time. But it doesn’t hurt to ask! Just imagine a gorgeous vagina with a beautiful piece of jewelry sitting on top of a clit, hehe.

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  4. I had my nipples and clit hood pierced on the same day. The clit piercing hurt a lot worse then my nipples. I had to get a horizontal hood piercing (HCH) because my clit hood isn’t deep enough to do vertical. I didn’t get much stimulation from it. We are considering getting me a Christina piercing like this one – http://www.piercingmodels.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Christina-Piercing.jpg after my laser hair removal treatments are over.

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    1. Oh la la, very pretty Beth. I like that piercing itself and considered it but the upkeep of trimming the hair continuously made me change my mind. Only because I hate shaving, lol. But if you are getting laser hair removal, which by the way I’m totally jealous, totally go for it!! It would look so flippin adorable :).

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  5. yes on the ouch! I discovered while healing that I have a strong sensitivity to most metal and needed to have titanium genital jewelry which was why I was sooo ouch. But yes ouch! I removed mine when MC and I ended – I couldn’t imagine being intimate with anyone else with the piercing he had done staring us all in the face! But – it was pretty amazing!

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    1. I admire my piercing, and I’m proud for doing something like that. It’s weird how I’m okay with having nipple piercings done, but the thought of the genital piercing be done at the time…made me cringe a bit lol. But it’s all good and once it heals fully I’m going to bedazzle the bitch out of this thing, hehe.

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      1. I might re-do mine some day – I would love a great piece of jewelry for it. I love me some bling. But, it was too emotionally charged to leave. If I redo, at least I do that I must go with titanium jewelry. Mine too far too long to heal because of the metal sensitivity

        I think it is great you did it! I’ve thought for a long time about getting my nipples pierced but the healing time scares the frak out of me!

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      2. I’m the same with metal sensitivity. I learned the hard way for my former nose piercing when I was allergic to the metal, ouch. The healing time honestly sucks with nipple piercings. Honestly, I don’t regret my nipple piercings, but I don’t care for them. They don’t do anything for me except for aesthetic. But you might be different whereas your nipples might increase in sensitivity, if that is what peaks your interest for considering the piercings :).

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      3. That was my interest in them, was if they would increase sensitivity but I’ve heard mixed results. And what if I go through it all and all the healing and it doesn’t increase sensitivity? These are the things I wonder about!

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      4. It’s hit or miss on if the increased sensitivity will happen. What you can do, is get one pierced and go through the healing process to see what happens. Then that could tell you if you are one of the lucky ones, lol. One of my nipple piercings rejected, so now I have one left. At first I hated that because I like symmetry. But now I realize that with one being free, I can have that piercing for some nipple play, hehe. And then the other one can just be for aesthetic.


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