I have recently printed off the paperwork for a name change in my county. I have decided on a name that I would like to change to, if I decide. Willow.

I feel a spiritual connection to the name. In different cultures, Willow has different meanings. Romani people believe that the willow tree, possesses the ability to heal the sick and elderly. In Greek literature, the willow is associated with Hecate (goddess of magic, the moon, witchcraft, etc.). In religions, including Wicca, the willow tree is associated with femininity, love, protection, healing, immortality (believed in Chinese culture) friendship, etc. In magic, the willow is used for intuition, knowledge, and nurturing.

I feel a strong connection to this name, and I have thought about this chose for a few weeks now, so it wouldn’t be impulsive.

And, I think I’m going to do it.

This is a chance for me to start over in my life. Continuing to work on my trauma, but to live a life that is fresh. This feels right to me. I don’t know how to explain, but it does.


11 thoughts on “Reborn.

    1. Thank you Michael :). I agree wholeheartedly. I’m still a bit apprehensive, because my parents named me obviously and they connect with my name. I have talked to them because I was curious of their opinion, let’s just say that they are not for it. Guilt tripping has been involved, lol. But, I need to make this decision for me. Which is hard, because I’m very family oriented. I’m struggling now, to make this decision without that pesky voice of regret in my head; because of feeling guilty that I’m taking away that name… that connection of my name to my parents.

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  1. Willow is good Miss – it shows that You can let Your mind and body bend as well – and if i am naughty You will take a willow switch to my bottom (i will definitely try not to be naughty Miss )
    i do hope that You have a good week Miss and i look forward to hearing of Your being reborn Miss Willow

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