Belly dancing.

Tomorrow is the first day of belly dancing classes. I’m more excited than nervous. I have been mentally preparing myself to not feel self-conscious of my body. Belly dancing is beautiful and has no requirement to be a certain weight or skin color. I have been searching videos on Youtube, and the more videos I watch the more I want to learn the craft. Here are some of my favorites:

Her body is beautiful. I adore the thickness and curves: Diva Darina

Another video of her. I think I have a crush: Diva Darina Freestyle

Well known in the belly dance society:  Sadie

Also well know. Her isolations are perfection: Rachel Brice

The first video I watched years ago that piqued my interest in belly dancing: Irina Akulenko



5 thoughts on “Belly dancing.

    1. Yes, I love to watch belly dancing as it entails very beautiful circling of the lower body parts! I think it originated in the “Middle East,” don’t know for sure but it is a very beautiful & intense way of sharing your passion so please indulge your beautiful self in this type of ritualistic activity! Have fun & do what you wan to do…

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