Infatuation…damn you!

I have been mentally debating on if I should write a piece about infatuation. I’m embarrassed to say that I have experienced it lately with a man who is OFF limits. As in he is married and has grown children. I know, I have already been where you are right now with your thoughts. I will say this, getting rid of infatuation is very hard to do so when you see the person you are inflated with, on a regular basis.


31 thoughts on “Infatuation…damn you!

      1. I remember the joy as an 18 year old of realizing there was nothing special about her. I was free


      1. I was wondering where you had been! What I wouldn’t give for the season to change…we’ve had consistent days over 100 degrees this last month. So done with summer.


      2. It’s the little things, isn’t it!? Yesterday, we were without power for about 2 hours. No air conditioning. No coffee. No internet. No fun!!! It made me remember not to take power for granted. Glad you have a warm home and bed!


      3. No dramas tonight. Peaceful. Some people have natural power whether they have a favorable environment or are dommes or subs. Sometimes the grace of it is that you innocently take it for granted and are so beautiful about doing it. ..

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      1. Watching season 2 of the Librarians. Moon must be in Virgo by now. Building and gathering. What’s happening for you Ma’am?


      1. I had code words for the boys I liked. So that I could talk to my friends in Secret in front of the boys I liked. I also would ask my friends to bump into the boy accidentally. Why? I have no clue 🤣

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