Wake Up. 

I have been holding onto hope that there is still some humanity in this world. But there isn’t. This world is complete madness, filled with honestly the seven deadly sins. 

Children are being raped and murdered. Child Protective Service continues to allow children to go back to their abusive homes when multiple reports have been filed. 

This government in this society I live in is corrupt to the core. We have a reality tv celebrity as our president. People, mostly white, uneducated, men…voted for this man. 

Police brutality against miniorities just baffles me. Idiots in this world actually believe that racism no longer exists, that white privilege is made up by “angry lesbian feminist”…I just don’t know how much more I can take of this world.

The fact that we give millions of dollars to basketball players and football players and to other entertainers when we give NOTHING to teachers and social workers and mental health practitioners. People who are contributing to society, who are educating youth. The fact that we idolize celebrities. Worship them as if they aren’t one of us. As if they are Gods. 

My mind cannot even begin to process what is going on in this world. I don’t trust anyone in this world. It truly is every man for himself. Humanity is dead. And we as a society do nothing as we let these things continue to happen. We continue to sleep. We bitch about it to our spouses and loved ones, and go about our day. 

Why not do something to create change? 

I don’t know how I could bring a child into this world. I don’t think I want to. My child deserves a world so much better then this. Deserves a world where he/she can be who they are and not feel scared. 

What I’m doing in my career, advocating for those who can’t, is small, but it is something. 

What are you doing? 

17 thoughts on “Wake Up. 

  1. A for sports figures it makes me sick I do not watch any type of sports but their salaries come from the people who support them , it comes from TV ads , and sponsors , sponsors those who supply the drinks you drink, food and clothes , shoes.

    We continue to rank near the bottom when it comes to education , going to college most can forget that , more so those who come from broken homes or school dropouts.

    I know if Nike contacted me and said he Vile we will pay you 60 million a year to wear our clothes and shoes and I would be like fuck yea so do we blame the sports figures ?

    Hollywood wow what crap , most of the headlines are about Kim K , or someone who has a opinion about the election. Really who gives a fuck what their opinion is?

    I am hated by most at work because many have 4 and 6 year degrees and I make the same with a GED but I am good at what I do and better than most. Where I work the company starts out at 18.00 an hour and on average over 700 a month are fired for attendance issues missing more than 18 days in a 90 days period. The kicker is most of those people work from home and still call into work or like many do not even bother to call in. Today 7 years later I make a mid six figure income and travel all over the world and when I am not I work from home. Prior to this job I sold new cars making a high 5 figure. I quit because of my wife I was gone to much and I took a huge pay cut because keeping my home together was more important.

    You can do anything you want but keep it in your mind what ever you do be the best, be better than your coworker. You have to set goals and stick with it and at times pushing others to the side because as you know the world is not fair..

    Today without a college education I write code for the largest tech giant in the world , I teach others to write code but still many hate me.

    Haters going to hate.

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    1. 60 million. Wow that just proves my point. 60 million, we can do so much as a society with that money. There is nothing wrong with entertainment, but there is a problem when we as a society collectively focus more on entertainment then education and doing other worthwhile and beneficial things to make Earth a better place. 60 million…we can put that towards helping college students not be in debt to their neck. We can help continue to find a cure for cancer that is killing millions of our brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and cousins and our children.

      We can actually help the veterans with providing more mental health programs when they come back to civilian life. Instead of tossing them aside and act in wonder why a veteran killed himself because he was denied services that are supposed to help him.

      The homeless?

      Social security?

      Does a man who throws a fucking ball in a hoop need to make 60 million? What about a teacher who is in debt, makes not enough, but continues to work in the cities to help the youth? She can’t have 60 million? But that guy over there gets to make more?

      Hmm, I wonder what is wrong with that picture.

      These days, a bachelor’s degree is really what we need to make a living in this world. There are outliers like in your case, and that is fucking amazing you are in that position. I truly mean that. One day a bachelor’s will phase out and we would need a master’s. At one point a GED was all we needed. Now look at society. And it’s so messed up because we don’t even help college students with debt.

      Why can’t we have free post-secondary education? Universal health care?!

      I think I’m going insane; it just doesn’t make any fucking sense.

      Am I crazy?

      Am I the only person seeing how fucked up our society is?

      Please tell me I’m not.

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  2. I can’t begin to understand what it must be like to live in the US right now, I don’t live there and I fear for women and minorities over there, I am scared to get pulled over in the US I might get shot simply for being a foreigner. I fear for every child and teen in the schools being indoctrinated to have no human value and to only believe in @ssholes like that evil carrot in the Whitehouse… ( for now that should be changed to the sh!t house) … what I do is send love and encouragement to those that need it and silently pray for your Country ( NeoPagan prayers, not christian) and I also make sure I have room for a house guest or a couple house guests when the sh!t hits the fan on a callosal scale and people need to flee the US, that is all I can do, it’s what many Canadians are preparing for, because we are getting immigrants turned refugees crossing our borders from the US, fleeing trump. these are not single men, they are families men, women and children, new born babies it’s truly heart breaking, our police have been ordered to help them not arrest or deny them.

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    1. If I had the money I would grab my family who wanted to leave as well, and move out the country. Unfortunately I did not win the lottery with coming from a well-off family. I actually thought about moving to Canada, but I’m family oriented and don’t want to leave a family member dear to my heart, a thousand miles away from me. It’s scary that the person next to you on a bus could have thoughts that would be considered racist…but yet they smile in your face. The day after the election, was unfortunately not the first time, that I felt black. That I felt less then everyone else. I was scared to go outside. How could neighbors and friends and coworkers vote for someone who doesn’t even represent the people who voted for him? He was born rich. 99% of the people that voted for him will probably never be over either the poverty level or middle class level. But here we have a man, who in so many ways represents all of the darkness that has been threaded and weaved in through our society. The electoral college should be abolished. They say that your vote counts. It doesn’t. Because it’s the electoral college representative of the state, who makes the final decision. Now how fucked up is that?

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      1. it is very expensive to move and to live in Canada, I actually want to live in the US, but not while that lunatic is in power 😦

        my heart broke reading about your bus rides, that is so very wrong, I am sorry you have to deal with that you should not have to ever. it hurts and angers me that you were made to feel less than equal less than a person and that you feel fear because of what others think or say, damn that is so wrong.

        I can’t fully understand what that feels like and I won’t pretend to either, I also can’t understand how people can be so damn hateful and cruel I just can’t understand that at all.

        I don’t know how your political system works, or what an electoral college is, but what ever it is the system needs an overhaul to stop people like him and his henchmen ( his like minded politicians) from ever getting into the government, now they are mixing the church and state it’s gonna get even worse now I think,
        how can a president deliberately promote hate and violence and willfully divide a nation and remain in power? I wish that Obama could come back, he was a good leader and did great things for his country when those trump loving assholes weren’t trying to block his every move.

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      2. I was curious of the cost of living in Canada versus here. Specifically in Quebec since I took a few years of french, so I might be able to survive there lol.

        What I was referring to with the bus rides is the idea that you don’t know someones true intentions or thoughts. You can think someone is a good person, but they may not be. I have never took a bus ride with that happening to me, and hope to never to.

        The scary thing is that people who vote here, don’t even know what the electoral college is. Which the should. Your vote doesn’t necessarily mean that it counts even though everyone says that it does during presidential voting season.

        I think there are pros/cons to every president. I believe that we should not have one person who represents all of us. That is too much power, and power can corrupt the mind. Maybe we are better off with a different system. I don’t know. But I don’t feel comfortable with having a president represent so many individual people who have their own voices and thoughts.

        I hope this world gets better someday. For all of our sake.

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      3. Canada has a Federal Tax called GST (goods and services tax) it is on absolutely anything you buy, and I mean anything…

        except for human food (excluding junk food and sweets, those get taxed) there is no GST in grocery shopping actual food, you will get taxed at the restaurant, and there is no tax on children’s clothing, however you have to tell the cashier that it is a kid clothing and the age of the kid

        the GST is 5% not 5% of the total cost, that is 5% per item, some provinces have PST provincial sales tax, depending on the province it is usually 5% to 7%, that is on top of the GST

        Quebec also has its own tax system I have no idea what those are. after all that take your current cost of living…if you were to move into the same living situation you should add 20%-25% to what your monthly cost is there and that is your living expense here. a car that costs you 12,000 bucks in the USA will cost between 16 & 21 thousand here

        gas is at it’s cheapest here, where I live it is $1.19 per liter, there are roughly 3,7 liters per US 1 gallon which is $4.40 per US Gallon. that is dirt cheap for Canada some places are as low as 0.99 per liter depending on your province ohh and that is the regular, not high octane

        On the plus side, we have free health care, you dont pay for medical supplies or the drugs used to treat you in hospitals or the nurses/doctors time or your hospital stay, you can walk into any dr clinic free get treated for free it is quite safe to break something here or get sick, you won’t go bankrupt because of it.

        also, Canada is one of the highest educated countries on the planet, I can’t remember where we are ranked, we are well within the top 10 with 54% of the population having some sort of degree (we spanked the US there too *wink*)

        also the LGBTQ have the exact same rights as anyone else, including marriage and parenting/adopting, and a law was just passed bill C-16 which extends the anti discrimination law ( the church can’t stand outside your house screaming god hates fags here cuz they will be in prison and it isn’t too smart to scream effen dyke or whatever to anyone… jail its hate speech and discrimination) so the new law extends that to gender identity… now Trans and nonbinary any gender or nongender or combo… is protected under the same laws as everyone else in Canada. here is the link https://openparliament.ca/bills/42-1/C-16/ to wiki it says what it is, and this year, this month it became the law of the land .. cuz everyone deserves to be themselves and be safe walkin down the street, have a home, and a job etc

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      4. Wow, thank you so much for giving an in-depth look!! I really didn’t know much about Canada’s system and culture. I’m fascinated by it. Hmm, I will have to do some research in my near future and possible explore this idea more thoroughly.

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