About Me ❤️

Welcome to my world. I’m Falyn. This blog is my journey to becoming a Goddess. A spiritual woman who basks in her femininity and doesn’t apologize for it. This journey will have ups and downs. But as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Contact Info:

I can be best reached through my blog by leaving a comment or my email.

Email: lovelyaphrodite7@gmail.com

My Erotic and Pillow Talk Audios


10 thoughts on “About Me ❤️

  1. I heard one of your soundtracks before & loved it & I just tried to hear some more of them but it said you have to sign up for “soundgasm.net”. I don’t have the time now but will do it later. I also love the fact of you being interested in the BDSM community; that really makes me hony but would feel more comfortable in a one on one encounter. I’ve also never in my life had that experience & I have so many recorded episodes (I forgot where I downloaded them) but had to burn a whole DVD as well as one 8gig flash drive to save space on my computer lol!

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    1. Why thank you 😊. Feel free to listen to more if you decide to make an account. I’m still trying to find my place in the community, some days I feel like “Miss” other days I feel like a “babygirl”. Though I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a switch anymore since I don’t have that drive to please someone, more like having someone please me. I find that the community is quite welcoming for the most part. With anything you run into unsavory people.


  2. I love hearing from you Miss Falyn & especially like your attached image on your profile! If you consent I shall email you some time in the future & I do absolutely love your audio clips as well. As for me, I’ve never been involved in the BDSM community but am very excited about it. I’ve never been married, no children or siblings & am definitely looking for that special Mistress to serve 24/7 & to obey her every whim. I currently live in Dallas, TX but do not go out & socialize that much as I have a lot of responsibilities & am thinking to relocate wherever I can afford to live (maybe Missouri), finish my college degree & work for cash only! All of my income, if I become involved with a permanent Mistress, shall be at her disposal of course. I enjoy your newsfeed & always will. Please keep in touch…

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    1. Thank you for the compliment. Anyone is welcome to email me. I like allowing an open door of communication between other WP bloggers and I :). I hope you find that special someone who can give you all that you want and need :).


      1. Miss Falyn, I can imagine what you must be going through & I too have thought about suicide but please for God’s sakes DON’T DO IT! It’s a permanent solution for a temporary problem as my dad always told me. As rough at times that life can be when those thoughts come to mind immediately think about something else & also know that NOBODY knows what lies on the other side. Thank you. P.S. I don’t have much time right now but shall email you sometime in the future if you approve? Lots of love…

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